Community Lenders

Lenders in the community that participate in GVRPC's programs.
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Eligible Repairs

  • Repair or replacement of major housing systems

  • Essential energy related repairs or improvements

  • Adaptations to allow use by persons who are disabled or handicapped

  • Lead hazard reduction

  • Other repairs necessary to meet Housing Quality Standards

  • Cosmetic repairs are not eligible.


Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

Minimum standards that address issues of health, safety and basic structural integrity. A Program Inspector will make an appointment with the home owner to go through the home and complete an HQS report. This report becomes the basis of the Inspector's determination of work needed to allow the home to meet the Housing Quality Standard. The inspector's write up becomes the basis for securing bids from local contractors.

Soft Second Mortgage

  • An interest free Note and Mortgage must be signed by the buyers to secure the amount of the grant for a specific period of time, which varies by program (this is known as the "recapture period").

  • There are no payments on the Note and Mortgage if the buyer lives in the home for the recapture period.

  • If the buyer chooses to move out of the house before the time period is up, a pro-rated portion or all of the grant  must be repaid.

  • Under certain circumstance the remaining mortgage may be assumed by a new qualified buyer.